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Potato S carlavirus


Data collated by C. Büchen-Osmond, 1987.




ICTV decimal code

Host range and symptoms

First reported in Solanum tuberosum; from the Netherlands; by de Bruyn Ouboter (1952); Rozendaal (1952).

Natural host range and symptoms


Ecology and control

Geographical distribution

Experimental host range

Diagnostically susceptible host species and symptoms

Diagnostically insusceptible host species

Maintenance and propagation hosts

Assay hosts (Local lesions or Whole plants)

Susceptible host species

Insusceptible host species

Families containing susceptible hosts

Families containing insusceptible hosts

Physical and biochemical properties

Properties of particles in sap

Purification method

Particle morphology

Biochemical properties

NCBI sequence data (Entrez search)

Sequence database accession code(s)

Features of the genome

Features of proteins


Taxonomy and relationships

Virus(es) with serologically related virions

Best tests for diagnosis

Comments and References


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